I Have Seen the Dragon.

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The armored trucks and “war” gear worn by police found in Ferguson serves a purpose, but you would be wrong to believe this purpose is for any real protection. They wear this gear to propagate an image of violent chaos, where the cops are supposedly “good guys who are risking their lives” to protect the people from “violent animalistic behavior”. However this is not the case, the police have done nothing but harass protesters and ignore looters purposely to make things escalate so they can demonize an already grief stricken neighborhood. Ferguson is not a war zone, it is an American community, a community that has every right to peacefully protest the loss of life of a community member that they believe was unlawfully executed by a police officer. All they are demanding is accountability for what happened. Yes this IS a racial issue, stop saying it isn’t, if you are someone who has ever proudly rocked a confederate flag then there is really no place for your voice in this discussion. I get it…many of you are cop sympathizers, authority lovers, blind believers in a justice system that doesn’t really serve anyone but white people and it scares me. Open up your eyes and realize the people of ferguson are not being treated fairly. 65% of Ferguson is black and yet 48 out of 53 Ferguson police officers are white. Shouldn’t the percentage of black cops match the demographics of the community? This is not a coincidence, this is intentional oppression. It’s also not a coincidence that Ferguson’s police chief hangs a confederate flag in the middle of his living room, but I’m sure there will be people who say otherwise…If I offended any of you I’m not even a little bit sorry, that just means you get angry over the wrong things.



Illustrations by Erik Schumacher 


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- me expressing disbelief, anger, sympathy or shock  (via rhymez)

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